-All titles currently retired. New titles forthcoming-

. Art Grimoires .

These books, with their purpose inspired in part by the philosophies of Austin Osman Spare, are what the Gallery regards as a form of esoteric introspection. Between theme, text, sigilistic keys and surrealistic visuals imparted by the artist, there is woven an immersive experience straddling the seen and unseen realms. Not unlike a mysterious invocation, encrypted in the collection of words and pictures.


Synapses Industria

A shadowscape of Carrollian proportions, this is a mythic Underworld journey through the eyes of Alice in her descent to a nightmarish and existential wonderland, finding spirit in suffering, and reconciling her inner demons.

This work contains elements of psychological horror, with references which may be disturbing, and is intended for 18+


35 pages, 

accompanied by 13 pieces of imagery.





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