Jackalope Gallery is a presentation of esoteric art & curiosities which are for display and occasionally sale upon private arrangement. 

If you have interest in our uncanny objects and resources, please feel free to make an inquiry via the contact form. You will receive an initial response usually within 24-48 hours acknowledging your request, and a PayPal invoice or link for any agreed transactions.

Completion or shipment of your purchase typically takes one week, unless otherwise stated.

Pertinent details you need to know about the nature of an offer  are made evident within its presentation. We are of course open to further questions where serious inquiries are concerned.

No refunds or exchanges. We reserve the right to refuse service where it is not appropriate to proceed. 


We are obligated to state that all things available for viewing or purchase on this site are to be partaken of chiefly as artistic experiences for your horror or delight.

Concerning what they bring to your life, we are not responsible for any damages.

All content including images and text, belongs to Jackalope Gallery (c)2019 *, and may not be used or replicated at any time without permission. 

*While all collections contain the artist's original content, we do state known conceptual influences which inspired the work when applicable.