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Policy, Procurement and Engagement:

Jackalope Gallery is an esoteric exhibition and psychic automatism examination hub organized by the artist known as Pyra.

Opportunities to purchase select pieces and titles are announced periodically, while ongoing studies are non-profit.

To support the Gallery, consider sharing our work. 


Curiosities on this site are to be partaken of as 'entertainment' only.

All artistic content including images, renderings and text, belongs to Pyra (R.B.G.E.)*, curator of Jackalope Gallery (c)2019-2024, and cited participants; this material may not be replicated at any time without permission.

*While all studies contain the artist's original content, we do state known conceptual influences where applicable. 
*Exceptions may apply for documentarian purposes which are clearly, and fairly referenced.


Thank you for your interest.

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