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Visual artist, writer, occultist and curator of the Gallery.

Specializing in studies of the esoteric, Jungian and bizarre as surfacing through psychic automatism -or, unconscious materializations and their essence.


The technique of automatism in art and writing is to engage in a waking dream. The artist - in this context, the Medium - forgoes various layers of control as they are induced deeper into a state of trance, which overrides conscious will or intent. 

This methodology has not only produced insight into the potency of subconscious influence on subjective and objective reality as affecting the individual, but has extended to reveal astonishing details that resonate with the collective unconscious - suggesting 'psychic' awareness that may otherwise be suppressed by the conditions of waking routine and expectation. 


Here we endeavor to 'pierce the veil' that has segregated experience of mind from materia and materia from the unexplainable, by examining art as a product of liminal phenomena.

Automatism sessions are conducted by the artist in degrees -mild to intense- of sensory augmentation and creative instinct as governed by factors 'beyond conscious comprehension', at times supplemented by outside contributors depending on the subject or objective. 

All features act as a provocative portal into mystery; what lies beneath the surface of consciously regarded motivations, conclusions, and chance manifestations...

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