Monthly Forecast



'La Vita Nuova', The New Life. All is well.

Transforming whatever remains into a new opportunity. A firm choice between past and future is occurring now, leading toward independence. This choice doesn't merely regard the 'obvious', but of subtleties that are able to change for you. Attention to the details is apparent.
Surrendering to previous loss, in order to stand on your own against adversity and have the vantage point. From that vantage point, seeing wishes come to fruition.

Our tarot card representing this timeframe is The Chariot.
In the month ahead we notice an aggressive influence fighting back against hostile forces, heavy circumstances and toxic persons. You're no longer willing to take any of this shit lying down, so to speak; you've stepped confidently into your own, whichever fresh view of life, career path, or endeavor that may pertain to. There is simply no room left for distraction, hesitation or procrastination. Do not let others' personal problems affect you at this time because getting involved can set you back, and if you are in the business of helping people make sure to set a healthy detachment from the interpersonal work you do or else you may lose yourself. Many will be in a vulnerable state, an infancy in some regard which has to be handled carefully (and on one's own), asking your full attention. The incubation period has ended and you're cradling a baby project, scenario or outlook that is going to grow FAST.

It is key to note that this is a highly auspicious time to make investments, and to trust your inclinations. Much that you put in at this time will bring a more than satisfying return, wishes can be granted with greater ease.
There is a lesson of balance attached to that, you will learn a great deal about what you must give in order to gain and how to maintain this at least until April rolls around.
Use number 9 for good luck, avoid dwelling in/around the number 5.
In practical terms this can be translated as setting your focus on areas which are about generation, movements you can make on your own without the assistance or interference of others,
desires which are unique to you (and even a little selfish, for the right reasons), and letting yourself enjoy/fully immerse in opportunities offered rather than latch any concerns onto them. There is no need for suspicion of what is lain before you as things stand.
Avoid directing yourself toward areas which only hold part of what you're looking for, moods of unfulfillment, anything without redeeming qualities (you do not have to entertain this), anything which does not actually serve as a worthy investment of your time or energy

Investment may well be the biggest concept we are dealing with here overall. Understanding the cheap thrills and genuinely useless things which tempt us vs. what is going to sustain its worth over a much longer period and to much greater depths! Set goals of substance, watch out for one-trick ponies and obtain for yourself cornerstones that will keep you steady. Revisit those persons, places or things which have been reliable to you, which have always meant something to you and will follow you whatever position you are in, for better or worse, till death do ye part.


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